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Exclusive Product for Physicians

Most medical professionals we serve say they had no idea that a specialty mortgage product designed specifically for them even existed.

The banks and mortgage professionals listed here have all been vetted, have the best physician mortgage products on the market, and are here to serve YOU.

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RXLENDING started in response to the growing demand
for physician mortgage products.

There are FIVE unique ways that make physician home loans the most practical choice.

  • Low or Zero Down Payment 0-10% is typical

  • No Private Mortgage Insurance(PMI) saving you up to 1% annually. That is a $10,000 per year savings on a 1 million dollar home.

  • Student loan debt not counted against you. This allows you to qualify for a nicer home.

  • Higher loan limits up to 5 million are available typically at the same rateAbility to close 90 days prior to new employment beginning. Moving is stressful enough without starting a new job. Why move twice or pay huge premiums for long-term housing.

BUT what do the banks get out of this?..... 

  • A future high income earning client

  • Some banks require you to have a checking or savings account with them

  • Rate and fees on these loans can be slightly higher than loans that require 20% down and years in current employment position

Our Physician Loans Offer

0 down up to $1m 

5% up to $1.5m

No mortgage insurance.

Purchase and refinance on primary residence.

Fixed term and ARM loans available.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

First Home!
"As I headed into my final year or residency I knew I was finally ready to buy a home. I did a ton of research and based on my unique situation I was finally able to buy my first home. I am so thankful for all the hours spent to accomplish my goal and for being so available all the time based on my busy schedule. I know that my loan was not going to be easy as I tried several different banks, but RX LENDING had the answer I needed to my most important question of how I could get a loan to buy a home. Thank you, yet once again, and I hope to buy another home again with you in a few more years."

Dr. L. Harper
Internal Medicine Resident - CA

Renovation success
“My wife is so happy she was able to move back into our home following the extensive remodel. Your recommendation for the remodel loan verses the new purchase put us in a great financial place and has had a positive impact on our family. We can now keep this home for generations to come and we continue to have the great memories from the past and more to follow for the future. I did not think this project was going to be possible, but with your team’s expertise and professionalism, we were able to accomplish our goal and are ecstatic about how the home looks now. WE greatly appreciate you All.”

Dr. S. Amel and Dr. R. Amel
Forensic Pathologist / Radiologist - CA

Peace of mind
"Having the comfort of knowing my new home mortgage was being handled by a professional banker allowed me to focus on my profession which consumes most of my time. The ease and simplicity of being able to accomplish most of the loan tasks electronically was a valuable time saver for me. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that was done behind the scenes to make my dream of owning a new home become a reality. I am very happy I found RX LENDING online."

S. Lipeles MD
Neonatal Pediatric Physician - Southern CA

No down payment
"A HUGE thank you for getting my family into our first home with no down payment. I have been working so hard at finishing up my residency and with all my student loan debt, I did not think I was going to be able to buy a home as I did not have a down payment. It is because of RX LENDING that I was able to find a mortgage bank that delivered exactly what my family needed. I am so glad I was referred to you and I will continue referring my colleagues your way."

Dr. Porter
Family Medicine Doctor - CA

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